Welcome to the EIFS Wiki Home page – Exterior Insulation and Finish System

We have put together a host of information on the product from installation to rEIFS Wikiepair and maintenance. Including residential and commercial applications. The old barrier system of the product is covered including its failures and how the new next generation of the system overcame those problems. We discuss the best practices for installing and focus on some key factors that need special attention when working with it.

Topics of interest include:

  • Hiring a Contractor – How to find the best contractor for your project.
  • Applying the Product to your Home – Why it is much different than applying to a commercial building.
  • Commercial Building Design – What your Architect should know and may not.
  • Substrates – The difference between a brick / block, OSB, and fiberglass board application.
  • Terminations – What needs to be done at grade and roof terminations.
  • Flashing – What is a kick-out-flashing.
  • Sealant – What caulk to use.
  • Expansion Joints – What is the proper size of expansions around windows and doors.
  • Problems with EIFS – The problems, past and present and how to overcome them.

The information provided on this website is meant as a guideline and before actually doing any work you should consult a professional that can take a look at your project. Each project is a little different and will have it’s own unique challenges.  We can not foresee all the possible application situations that you will come across in the field. The examples we cover here are more of a rule of thumb, than a special situation. There are many specialty situations you will come across that we have not covered. You can email us with any questions or techniques  you would like us to cover at topics@www.eifs.wiki.


Synthetic Stucco is featured on nearly one in every ten buildings in North America. Billions of square feet of the product has been installed over the years. It is one of the leading commercial claddings in America.

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