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Caulking / Sealant
We realize you don’t want to be paging through endless amounts of information about EIFS on the website. So, we are taking some of our key articles and transforming them into videos which will be a much more enjoyable experience for most. Obviously, there are still those of you out there that love to sift though pages of information gathering valuable knowledge and for those of you we have great news, you still can the site has not changed you can find hundreds it not thousands of EIFS facts on the site, so have at it. But these videos are for the rest of us who would rather watch a two or three minute video on the topic of your choose. In this particular video we are going to be talking about EIFS Sealants. When it comes to EIFS we believe sealant are one of the most overlooked things. The problem is that the sealant is one of the most important factors to a long and healthy project. That is why we decided to make the video our first release in the series. In the videos in this series we will include a transcript of the article from our website.
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Article from the EIFS Repair website:

EIFS Sealant

A low modulus EIFS Stucco Sealant is used as a weather sealant in order to seal EIFS joints. A durable watertight, flexible seal will form and the adhesion to EIFS and other porous surfaces is reflected in an outstanding curb appeal for your building. Dryvit® approved or sealant bran primer will be acceptable in order to ensure proper adhesion to EIFS and other porous surfaces such as masonry surfaces. EIFS is recommended for use on new and remedial construction as a weather seal. Sealant may be used for restoration as well as repairs. It can be easily painted over with great results using an EIFS product paint. Dryvit® offers a sealant that at 50% compression at 70 degrees c (158 degrees f) on limestone, brick, concrete as well as cultured stone showed no stains after 14 days. Your EIFS surface must be free of any foreign substances such as water, frost, grease or oil and including old sealant, dirt and efflorescence A base coat of sealant primer should be used. In order to have a warranty for your EIFS sealant from Dryvit® a field adhesion test shall be utilized by the contractor in order to verify the adhesion characteristics as well as the compatibility with the specific materials you are using as an EIFS sealant. You may follow Dryvit’s Field Adhesion Test Procedure with the results being submitted to Dryvit’s Warranty Department.You may apply the EIFS primer full strength with a brush or a roller. Applying a thin coat that is uniform and no more than 1 mil when wet. You do not want to over apply the EIFS sealant although some very porous surfaces may require a second coat. The EIFS primer must be dry before applying the EIFS sealant. It should take the primer about 15-30 minutes. You must do the priming and sealing on the same day. If the EIFS sealant is not applied on the same day you would have to re-prime. Metal and such non-porous surfaces must be clean and rust free. You may use a solvent to clean it with which is available at EIFS sealant / building supply houses.

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