Before Doing An EIFS Repair

3 Things You Should Know Before Doing An EIFS Repair

Make sure you watch this video if you are planning on doing a repair to your home or building. Whether you are planning for an Exterior Insulation and Finish System industrial project or on your house. You will find this video helpful.

1. You should find a certified applicator to do your EIFS Repair. Exterior Insulation and Finish System is not an easy product to install. Heck, you are supposed to be certified to even buy the product from the manufacturer, but you would be surprised how many contractors and handymen are getting there hands on it that don’t know what they are doing, and screwing up repairs. Make sure you ask to see there certification.EIFS Repairs

2. When doing a small repair a lot of the time it will be a patch in the middle of the wall. That patch is never going to look brand new, no matter how good the tradesman is doing the repair. Think of it like, you put a scratch in your living room wall and went in the basement, and got the exact paint that you painted the room with 5 years ago, and just painted a 1 foot by 1 foot area of that wall to cover the scratch. It would be noticeable for sure. Same concept here. There is no way the color of the patch can be matched exactly, and going over the existing material is going to show no matter what. The only way for a patch to look brand new is to coat the entire area coast to coast. You would have to redo the entire wall for just a small patch for it to look brand new.

3. You should always have moisture testing done before starting any repairs. The EIFS product is very good at hiding moisture. It may look perfectly fine everywhere, but there is a noticeable area that has moisture damage. You get a price to fix the damaged area, and all of a sudden there are all these extra costs when the repair man digs into the area. Its like a mechanic stabbing in the dark, changing one part after the other on your car till he finds the problem. While your bill just keeps going up and up. When you do the moisture testing the repair man knows the moisture content of the substrate behind the system, so there should be no extra costs. The extent of the damages are known before you start.

Before Doing An EIFS Repair