Hiring A EIFS Contractor may not be all that hard, but hiring a good EIFS contractor can be pretty tricky.

Hiring an EIFS Contractor is a short video on how to hire an EIFS contractor. If you are planning on hiring an EIFS contractor this is a much watch video for you. I am sure you will learn something here. For more information on EIFS visit us at http://www.eifsrepair.info we have a host of info on Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems.

Hiring a EIFS Contractor

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Hiring an EIFS Contractor.
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Corey Turcotte.
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Hiring an EIFS Contractor is not as simple as you may think. A lot of EIFS contractors are not doing the install correctly, so you may have to do a little home work before you just hire the first EIFS contractor you talk to. First thing to make sure before hiring someone is that they are a certified contractor. You really are going to have to see the certification because they are all going to say they are certified but some of them are not.
Now that you have a certified EIFS contractor you are going to want to have them spell out how they will apply the product in the quote. This way you can refer to www dot EIFS Repair dot com, and see how their procedures measure up to the strict standards of the EIFS pro’s. Keep in mind that it costs a lot more money for the contractor to do it right. They are going to hand you every excuse in the book why their way is the right way, but trust me if they are leaving something off our list its not usually good.
In conclusion, if you have found an EIFS contractor that has an up to date certification that you have actually seen, and spells out step by step how they are going to apply the product, and you referenced it to our EIFS Process Guide, and everything checks out. Then you have found a good contractor. Now all you have to do, is keep him honest, by following along with the project as it is completed asking questions, and making sure things are getting done correctly.

Hiring A EIFS Contractor